Presentation of the RAILtoLAND application

Published by Cécile Gendrot on

The railTOland project, financed with European funds Erasmus + presents next Friday November 25, 2022 one of its most relevant products, a mobile application that identifies and interprets the landscapes traveled by the railroad between Porto and Vigo. The project, led by the Polytechnic University of Madrid, seeks to enhance the value of European landscapes, as common heritage and identity of their peoples, and in particular, those perceived from the railroad. The railroad in Europe was not only one of the most powerful catalysts in the process of European consolidation, but also allowed a rapid dispersion of culture and knowledge throughout the continent. The railroad creates landscape and also allows to perceive it from a privileged position, as can be seen in the Porto-Vigo pilot line.

The railTOland APP geo-locates the train and activates explanatory audios of the values and characteristics of the landscape that can be perceived and also of the landscape that lies beyond the traveler’s view. It also offers information on more than 30 points of interest, as well as a 3D model of several buildings of heritage value. The application is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese and has been developed by the Centro de Computação Gráfica of the Universidade do Minho, in collaboration with the other project partners, the International Union of Railways, Université Gustave Eiffel, Università Politecnica delle Marche, Renfe and Comboios do Portugal.

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